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Teaching and learning is a long process evolving and resolving from many thousand centuries but still it has not attained a definite  format and it will never be so. First of all; teachers must be ready for the ongoing changes and the challenges involved in this process. One decade earlier no one was aware that mobile phones and internet facility would be so vast and fast that can enable us to search so many information by a phone in our hand. The application of the changing knowledge and its need give new dimensions to life, which should also be part of school curriculum. The theory of Darwin is still valid about the survival of the fittest. Those teachers who do not accept fast changes may be out of the present system.
With all these challenges, students’ thoughts, values, perceptions and their future needs are also shifting towards aggression, isolation and multi diversion which need attention of the teachers and the society. So big researches and new mechanism are needed to overcome these problems. We cannot fight modern wars with old tools, same way modern generation do not accept old theories and models, hence more innovations are needed in every sphere of life.
We, being Indians cannot lose our old values and equally cannot ignore the pace of the world. So, my humble submission is with teachers and parents to be aware, alert and advance enough to save and protect our new generation without spoiling it in false show of power, money and other means of  strength. Let us join hands to guide our future youths in proper direction, imbibing all values of open minded personality and feeling of togetherness. And let the new generation grow to be the saviour of our Earth without excess exploitation of our natural resources.
Wishing all the best for the completion of the school magazine and let it be a true platform to exhibit the multi-talents of the growing stars.
Virender Kumar 
Principal M.L.S.D.A.V. Public School Narnaul